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windows 8 feature/change requests



This is an ECO (Engineering Change Order/Engineering Change Request) for Windows 8. It will probably delay the release of Windows 8. but it will make it a better product I think.

the list

To Microsoft: please make desktops a usable, powerful option in windows 8. I hear windows 8 is going to be tablet-oriented. I like desktops because they are FAR more powerful than any tablet. I am a software developer. I was planning on getting a new machine in the future.please don't ruin my experience by losing any features which I need:

  • replacement filesystem. NTFS is old and single-tasking. we now have multi-core systems. There are much better filesystems out there, like EFS4 (At least I hope they are better when it comes to fault tolerance). one that's openly documented, which is better for developers.
  • the cmd.exe shell - don't take that away from me
  • I need for DOS development - on a 64-bit machine as well as 32-bit. currently it's only available on 32-bit machines. PLEASE fix! I desperately need a system with 24GB or more and also has! and yes, DOS is still a viable platform.
  • windows xp mode with its and cmd.exe shell
  • floppy drive support, so I can make bootable cd's
  • stop limiting the amount of memory a system can have to so little. If you have a 64-bit processor, have a 64-bit address space. and especially, support for the full 16EiB (16 exabytes) of memory. I am sure someone will want it. especially the workstation vendors. they are already limited/hampered by the 192GB limit you set on windows 7 - some workstations have 256GB of RAM and are probably wasting RAM. kick the limit! somebody will make use of it, I'm sure. Then get Intel and AMD to support a LOT more address lines on their processors (I need more than 64GB on my desktop for Photoshop on my i7 proc), it would be nice if we had the full 64 bits. this is seriously undermining some people's workflow (like mine). Set a limit and someone will break it.
Jim Michaels