Web Site Questions to Ask

  1. What would you like your site to have in it as far as content goes?
  2. Is there a sample site you wanted yours to look like? (I will see what I can do)
  3. If you wanted Flash (what should the flash do?) Flash Designers are expensive.
  4. Did you want a flash intro page, navigation, both, or would you consider an intro page to be slow blockage to navigation?
  5. A search engine can find pages with links in them better than it can find something written in flash.
  6. Do you want to be on Google, MSN Live search, Yahoo? I am not an SEO expert (that is an ever-changing art in itself), but I know the links. I have a Google Webmaster Tools account.
  7. Do you already have some text content or other content that you would like to include in the site?
  8. Do you have any stock images/photos & stock music you wanted to pick out? keep in mind that images might be licensed for only 5 years at a time for the web. If you use your own images, no such limitations or other restrictions.
  9. If you are using stock music, do you want it to repeat?
  10. Do you have any fonts and color standards and logos that you require for the site to use? And what are they used on? (please specify)
  11. What is your corprate image, if any, that you want to use? (similar to previous question, but asking about any lines, objects, etc)
  12. Do you want a contact me page using an email form for security (eliminates most spammers and hides your email address), or will a simple mailto: do? Do you want your address and/or phone on this page?
  13. for your target hosting country, and domain country, if it is outside your own, will your target hosting company's technical terms be handle-able by you?
  14. for your target hosting country, and domain country, if it is outside your own, will slowness be OK if it crosses the ocean? anything going across the ocean uses transatlantic comunication cables that are in some cases very slow. try viewing a UK site for instance.
  15. unlimited hosting is typically not unlimited. give an example of your bandwidth usage of your site. If you use 300GB bandwidth and 50GB space, tell the tech support person and ask them if this is a problem "or will I have to go somewhere else?". issues are bandwidth usage and space usage around these sizes. you will usually be dealt with or kicked off or told to get VERY ESPENSIVE dedicated hosting.
  16. plan sour site size well. If you are hosting ISOs or software, make sure you have LOTS of space. I would suggest superbhosting.net in that case, they have 200GB UNIX hosting.
  17. supoerbhosting.net also host MP3's for budding Music Artists who may not qualify for garageband.com sites but want to peddle your sounds.
  18. Do you need SSL+Paypal? take donations? have you considered that taking money over the internet requires some sort of special reporting to the IRS?