web design and graphic design rules



Graphic Design is a necessary part of Web Design. it is considered a separate degree.

web design rules
life below 600px - thinking outside the box of old graphic design rules
why you don't have to cram everything into the top "fold" of 600px.
some good web design rules to follow
graphic design rules
good graphic design rules and web design rules, has errors about color systems and color wheels. the color wheels they are referring to are really HLS/HSV, not RGB and possibly not CMYK either. The bad idea on their site is they use spaces for filenames and dirs. some web hosting companies do not allow spaces (not that you should ever use spaces in the first place). some site-builder sites don't allow dashes, but they do allow underscores.
more examples-with-pictures oriented, ebooks are jump-off points to a color theory site with a name I don't like
more theory and color-oriented