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my situation

I have 75GB web hosting. my 40-45GB web site is bulging at the seams and was using somewhere around 15GB bandwidth (most of you will not have this requirement, since most sites don't go over 10MB space or use 10GB bandwidth). actually, I've reduced my stuff from about 37GB and I can see it's growing ever so slightly. I've hit my disk quota trying to upload office package ISOs. I currently can't offer the "full" package.

A lot of it is 3.9GB DVD & 732MB CD ISO's (the big stuff), and someday I would like to publish my 3 of my music CD's on the site too in various formats (but I will have to go to another hosting provider for that). I also have a small amount of Open Source software I publish, probably 1GB worth. it takes all the 300GB bandwidth (I think) that it is provided. I suppose my site has gotten only a little bit noticed on the search engines, but at this point, I am pretty sure the site is maxed out in every way possible.

current stats are that a popular 1/2-sized dvd ISO is being downloaded over 1000 times/mo, and that doesn't cover the other bandwidth.

Due to my limited budget, I have two choices now. I can find someplace else that has more disk space and more bandwidth for roughly the same price, or I can pare down the download I am giving away as a service to others. I don't like the latter option, since the files I would be paring down are the most popular ISOs I've got. But the Lord gave me an idea on how to reduce my ISOs to take up less space and it just fits now with a few GB left over.

I don't have bukoo bucks to spend on dedicated hosting here. I can barely scrape together the $150/year to pay for the hosting and domain for this website, much less the $25/mo 768Kbps/384Kbps flaky WiMAX broadband internet (cheapest broadband there is). This site gives me something to do during the day. It also helps me to help others.

unlimited hosting - is it really unlimited?

So I started contacting hosting companies. the first one was an unlimited hosting company. and then another. as soon as I mentioned to tech support or sales my site stats (and that i thought I was using 300GB bandwidth) listed above, they told me that their service is not *that* unlimited, and that I should get dedicated hosting.
the nerve!
the "nice" term for it is "oversell". the first company actually said something about coming down on me like a ton of bricks if I consumed too much bandwidth compared to other shared clients. That is "unlimited" hosting. I want to know exactly where the lines are drawn.

I am still searching for a good hosting provider that will take my growing site at a cost I can afford. I may have to stay where I am planted at penguinwebhosting.com and start pruning. They've been pretty good to me, and they are in the USA.

article on 100GB hosting and why it's not *really* available so, in a word, trim your site or spend $50-200/mo to get dedicated hosting. and by the way, the bandwidth still won't be great in some cases with dedicated! SO SHOP WISELY.

There are a few places that offer high end shared hosting for those that need it. see "large hosting plans".

There is one unlimited hosting company which offers a a pretty good service and what looks like good support: dreamhost.com.

software hosting

pretty much nobody allows you to host software. nowadays, only 2 hosting companies do: digital river and I forget the other. You may have to host your large files on amazon s3. here is the list of links:

Getting Started

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