unicode to JSON-String/javascript-string converter



this converts UNICODE text to Javascript strings or JSON strings (same).

unicode to JSON-String/javascript-string converter

type here to convert any unicode string to a JSON string (conversion is automatic):


I wrote this as an answer to a yahoo answers question in programming the text I was going to replace it with before I got blocked from editing (since I found some things in the code which needed to change) was:

you are going to have to write your own unicode to JSONStringCharacter converter. the BNF Grammar for the language is here.

I am sure you can use javascript to do it and a simple UTF-8 DHTML form.

a UnicodeEscapeSequence basically looks like

other allowed escape sequences are:

and you can have any ascii character except " and \ by themselves in the string. the string must be surrounded by double quotes "like this".

you can use my web page (2nd link).