need training to do HTML+CSS? Javascript and DHTML? plan to do PHP and MySQL? I once suggested w3schools, but now I don't. full of errors, bad examples, and not associated with w3c (w3c has asked them to cease). so I am in the process of finding new places that offer proper training.
XHTML 1.0/1.1 , w3c 'xhtml 1.1 basic' standard $free
xhtml should be avoided because it's hard to configure the server to properly serve it up.
css $free
jQuery, popular $free
you can do effects and animation with this if you are clever.
php $free
asp,, $free
only if you are going to be a web developer or need access to the innards of the web server or you prefer BASIC to C coding.
XML, optional $free
sooner or later, you are going to run into XML. it is a data format, usually for storing config settings or databases. It is a free-form structure, and it is like HTML, except the tags are custom, whatever you want them to be. you can optionally provide a DTD to define the valid element/tag and attributes structure. only the parser will pay attention to the DTD. Associated technologies you may wish to learn are XPATH, XSLT. oftentimes, XML data might be passed between the server and the browser (AJAX).
search engines, optional $free
dreamweaver, optional $free training videos for Adobe authoring products
make sure you get the right language board. it's a long list and there are duplicates of each board in each language.