Web Design Checklist


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Site Domain or URL:
Site Title or Project Name:
Customer Name:
 make sure customer has a computer and knows how to use it!
 make sure customer has internet service and an email address! can't do business on the web without it!
 make sure you (the webservant) have a non-free email account. most hosting companies reject free email accounts on signups.
 make sure customer has a non-free email account that is not going to go away. especially if they are doing e-commerce. it could be a free email account later, as long as they login to it regularly.
 1 week, import old site using httrack including manual document extraction
 1 week+, get images
 1-3 weeks, site design
 1 day, choose DHTML menu or Flash menu
 3 hours, (optional) PICS/RSACi ICRA.org meta tags
 2 hours, meta tags - description. will probably need to work with customer.
 1 week, meta tags - keywords research. will probably need to work with customer on their marketing research, or have them pay you to do the marketing research with google adwords. Hope you know a lot about their industry!
 1 day, meta tags - keywords.
 2 hours, meta tags - robots
 2 hours, meta tags - cache
 2 hours, meta tags - expires
 10 min., robots.txt
 1-8 hours, make banner image for link on other web sites
 1-3 weeks, server-side scripting development (PHP/ASP.net/Perl/Whatever)
 10 min., webmaster email redirect
 10 min., other email redirect
 1 day, get web hosting
 2 hours, get database space
 1 hour, create database
 1-3 weeks, server-side scripting test/debug
 1 week+, gather external links & make links page
 1 hour, site upload
 5 minutes-2 hours, burn cd
 1 hour, extensive site testing (url checks, media checks, image checks)
 3 days, notify sites that potentially link to this site
 1 hour, Link sites in with any banners
 3 hours-1 day, archive site, sources, psd's, pdf's, images, templates, targets, fonts, specifications, documents, and related design files, into 7-zip format, include 7-zip executables and compile onti CD-R or DVD-R(s) for customer and mail or hand it to them.
 2-8 hours, search engines submit (whose account - yours or the designer's? depends on whether or not you want the stats... and want to continue to pay him for monitoring)
 1 week-usually 90 days, search engine submission turnaround