hard-won web programmer/web-designer lessons



these are hard-won web designer and web programmer lessons. don't make the same mistakes I made. learn from my mistakes.

nobody taught me this stuff. I had to learn this stuff on my own. that's why it's hard-won.

Cursor CSS bug


is a hand, oddly enough,and cursor:hand looks nothing like a hand. somebody got pointer and hand swapped I think and it has stuck ever since.

I still think it should be fixed, in all browsers, now.

frames-based sites and search engines

you should know that frames are not search engine friendly (antagonistic?). most people have switched away from frames to plain static or dynamic pages for this reason.

search engine might not even see your pages beyond the main frame. it's not made to do the navigation, especially if it requires js.

better to know now...

making search-engine friendly

also, ul-li and other lists are search-engine friendly (and nestable),so they are used quite often for menus.

id and name attributes - case sensitive or insensitive? yes to both.

#b {
<div id="b">this is brown text based on its id attribute</div>

is the code for some unique id on the page like above, there can only be *one* of that id. tricky thing is, some browsers have the id as case sensitive. some are case INsensitive on the id. so don't try mixed case on id's.

I tried that and got problems in my documents when trying cross-browser on ie, opera, ff, and chrome/safari/webkit. you CAN have multiple of name attribute though. again, case sensitive/insensitive problem.

and this id/name transfers to JS because of DOM as well. however, JS identifiers such as variable names and function names are case sensitive otherwise but cannot match that of an id or name in your document (in the DOM I hear). thoroughly confused yet?