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unicode character set chart generator(javascript)


do a view source on this page.


the numbers above take octal starting with 0 or 0q, hexadecimal as 0x, binary as 0b, and decimal as 0d or just the plain number.

(Lucida Console, Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Times, serif, sans-serif, fantasy, monospace, script)
(small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, 12pt, 5picas, 2em, 2cm, 35mm, .5in)
(see color chart or color names, can also be in the form rgb(128,255,56) or rgb(0x80,0xff,56) or #ffcc99 or #fc9)

This page generates unicode characters using javascript.

on someweb sites that support HTML anamed and numbered entities, such as yahoo answers, you can create a character using & followed by # followed by the decimal number (the top number) followed by ; which is a semicolon. only certain characters can be reproduced using alt and the numeric keypad because it can only handle characters from 0 to 255 (unfortunately). I wish someone would change that now that we have unicode and windows that was from the DOS era. see this web page for the list.

for women, they often want hearts. those decimal characters numbers are 3, 10083, 10084, 10085, 10086, 10087. the star of David is 1758 and 10017. crosses:10013-10015 and 9840, symbol for link:10968, symbol for no link:10967, braille:10240-10495, clockwise arrow symbol:10227, counter-clockwise arrow symbol:10226, arrows:10132-10176, envelope:9993, scissors:9985-9988, phones:9990 and 9742-9743, jet:9992, pencils and pens:9997-1002, checkmarks:1003-1004, X's: 1005-1008, stars and asterisks:10022-10059, disk packs(as in database):9920-9923, triangle with exclamation point:9888, plastics recycle number symbols and other recycle symbols:9843-9853, musical notes:9833-9839, box shade characters: 9617-9619 and 9608, box draw 9472-9641, 2-3-letter-code representations of control characters:9216-9249 and 9252. there are a lot more. this is using the Lucida Console font, and I think it is also valid using monospace.

this page takes about 8 seconds to generate on my old 2004-era 2.8GHz Pentium 4 HT.

First argument must have a ? in front of it. All the rest of the arguments must be separated with & symbols. arguments are all in the form variable=value

for instance,

valid arguments are:
start=start unicode character code
cols=number of columns so cols=12 makes 12 columns.
end=end unicode character code
font=font name, for example, Tahoma or Arial or Helvetica or 'Lucida Console'. anything with spaces in it must have single quotes. you must get the capitals right.
color=color code which can be a color name such as blue or maroon or green or black or a hex color code such as #33cc99, #3c9, or rgb(128,255,56).
size=font size (small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, 12pt, 5picas, 2em, 2cm, 35mm, .5in)
an example would be

The default is start=1025, end=1169, cols=6, color='black', font='Tahoma', size='x-large'
No server-side programming is required. This is done completely in JavaScript.

integer64 is unsigned and case insensitive. it ignores underscores(_). it can be hexadecimal (start with 0x), decimal (plain number or start with 0d), octal (start with 0, 0q, 0o), binary (start with 0b), and can be appended with SI units (:B :D :DB :H :HB :K :KB :M :MB :G :GB :T :TB :P :PB :E :EB :Z :ZB :Y :YB) or computer units (:Ki :KiB :Mi :MiB :Gi :GiB :Ti :TiB :Pi :PiB :Ei :EiB :Zi :ZiB :Yi :YiB) as a multiplier suffix. priority will be given to longer suffixes in a stream of printable characters.