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pwdgen - password generator (locally run on your browser)


Mixed characters


Character set types
, , , , ,


Sum of minimums=, should be <= therefore .
password generated in iterations.

The code is essentially the same.
JavaScript is required for this to work: if you don't see a password in the password field, you don't have JavaScript enabled.

About pwdgen

This program generates fairly decent robust passwords for those times when you can't think of one. A minimum of 2 digits is inserted. it is also good for security reasons.


The sum of the minimums should be no larger than the password length (see status). if they are, the sum of the minimums takes priority over the password length.

if all the minimums are 0, it will do the same as the Auto Given-Length button and will choose minimum ratios of 9/40*pwdlength for all non-puntuation types and 13/40*pwdlength for punctuation.

To generate a password with a specific length you want but everything else automatic, change the password length and click the Auto Given-Length button.

The rest of the auto buttons are VERY automatic. click and you get a password and it sets everything for you. 12 characters is a good minimum password length for these days (2013). it used to be 8. most commercial-off-the-shelf routers these days are stuck with 8 characters max.

I discovered that some sites have different requirements for punctuation. so I made the punctuation something you can copy and paste ffrom the web site into the text box above to generate a passcode/password.

adjacent duplicate characters are also rejected as an option.