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These were done with an older version of POV-Ray. click to view/save the full image (1280x1024)

bumpy silver ball cluster ball made out of crystal end of piece of wood lots of bright lit glass objects lappost (b&w) orange ball, glass ball, marble rod odd pencil red teardrop shape in space planet wood polygon with a nice spherical hole in it quartic cylinder? looks like 2 steeples stuck together funny red ball object with transparent gold columns nicely done. vase with blue-cloudy sky on it on a bright blue marble pedestal. the effect of 'smoke' inside a sphere. round tube lettering making a soft shadow. spline curve doing handwriting sunset with rippled water and jagged rocky coast blue long teardrop tetrahedrons (pyramids) in front  of a mirrored glass ball various texture types torus (large red donut). very smooth color gradations.