WINE is a Microsoft Windows XP emulator for *nix/linux/BSD and mac. it also emulates the cmd shell via the terminal command wine cmd

some system registry entries in WINE don't exist. it is not a complete emulation. your application will probably work, but if it doesn't you know up front why.

Windows uses the registry for a LOT of things. calls for command.com are dispatched to dosbox.

Virtual Machine (Oracle VirtualBox) installation

you could grab a copy of virtualbox or buy vmware workstation and install linux mint in the Virtual Machine, and use WINE to install your windows program and see if it works.

if it installs correctly and works (should), you can then say on your product page that it works with WINE (this means mac, linux).

WINE on linux starts DOSBOX when you ask for command.com. I installed dosbox and tried from a terminal "cmd" and got an error. but this is not the way to do it. you do wine cmd

I looked in linux mint's WINE menus and there was no virtual cmd shell, and one could not be added from the config dialogs that I could tell, maybe some more tinkering to make an icon.

but you must install dosbox, WINE, gecko, and mono (WINE configuratoin will prompt to install the right kind of the last two). article about wine

install virtualbox or vmware workstation unless you already have a linux or mac box.

  1. go into your BIOS and enable virtualization for the CPU whatever it's called, if your cpu hads this feature. this speed things up.
  2. download the linux mint DVD ISO (64-bit preferable if you have a 64-bit box)
  3. make a new Virtual Machine
  4. make a virtual hard drive with at least 10GB-15GB of space.
  5. in General, change Type to Linux, Ubuntu(64-bit). give the VM a name like mint 17.
  6. advanced tab. change clipboard and drag'n'drop to both be bidirectional. makes things easier.
  7. in system ,specify at least 4GB of RAM used for the VM.
  8. in system, enable hardware clock in UTC time. this is only for *nix.
  9. in VM storage, click on the rightmost teeny cdrom icon and "choose a virtual cd/dvd disc file" - point it to the linux mint ISO.
  10. in Display, crank up the video memory.
  11. make sure the network adapter is enabled. NAT is fine.

mint won't come with WINE or dosbox installed.

WINE installation

  1. menu, administration, software manager, all applications, type in WINE into the search box.
  2. double-click WINE and pick install.
  3. if that fails (mine did, said [virtual?] network adapter wasn't working for some odd reason), you can start a terminal and:
  4. sudo install WINE --fix-missing
  5. sudo update
  6. sudo install WINE --fix-missing
  7. WINE will be installed after about 2-5 minutes of downloading. menu, wine configuration. it will want to install gecko and mono.
  8. now you need to install dosbox. you should still have the software manager up. type in dosbox into the search box and hit enter, double click it and install.
  9. to run a virtual cmd shell, wine cmd, and to do command.com do dosbox

installing an application into WINE

got a cdrom with an installer? just double-click the exe. WINE is basically XP, so no need to run as admin. the applications I wrote which have a GUI front end and a console-mode exe back end work. so this is good.

I need a cmd shell

from a terminal, type in wine cmd and whe nyou are finished, exit (the exit command also works for the terminal window. linux commands will not execute in the cmd shell. cmd shell commands will not execute in linux without the wine cmd virtual cmd shell.

so if you somehow automatically start typing linux commands in the wine cmd shell and it's throwing errors, no need to get upset.

pay attention to what you are doing. if you look at the prompt and you see Z: somthing or other, you are in the wine cmd shell. do the exit thing to exit the wine cmd shell and your linux commands will start working. it uses the same terminal window.

winehq.com (free)
linux mint (free)