windows 8.1



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what I can understand about the upcoming win8.1 based on this ms article is:

  • has some more bling.
  • you will have to pay some kind of amount for it, if you have boxed kind from non-microsoft store. if you bought from ms store, it's free.
  • prices are not fixed yet as of June 2013. wait until august or september 2013 timeframe if you want it.
  • IE11 (does it have mathml support yet? it's supposed to be part of HTML5 tags spec and so is SVG). still support multicolumns?
  • start menu? sorry. it seems you are still not getting one. as an appeasement, apparently do can work at getting to the start screen through a popup button now using the mouse now if you can get it to correct area of the pinpoint pixel-wide area of the corner of the screen (I have often wondered if there's a bug lurking there preventing that pixel detection from working - I had to work for up to 1/2 hr to get that menu to appear). this is microsoft's "bold new vision". when you mouseover that corner of the screen to get the usual charms and popup stuff you get from windows 8, you will be getting the windows logo icon style looking popup button which will apparently bring you to the start screen. (this is my best understanding from the writing of the blog and my understanding of thw workings of windows 8). developers will see this first, so I can't be sure - wait and see. what I do know based on the ms blog is microsoft still doesn't get it. we want the normal start menu. windows explorer like stuff and all. it was nice, useful, had ALL the icons for the applications we installed, etc. unlike the metro screen AND the normal start menu has something there you can easily get to for shutting down via keyboard and mouse. you didn't have to stick with one kind of input device if you gravitate towards one more than the other. I liked that design because I got SO much more work done that way.