USB sticks won't work in win98/ME


JOSE gave me a web site where previously I did not know the existence of drivers.

Plug one in, you will find there are no drivers available for it so it can be used. sorry.

I do not know if there are drivers available, but it is very unlikely.Drivers are available for winsows 98. You will find, however, that external USB drive cases DO come with drivers usually. be careful that you format it for FAT32 or FAT if possible and that you use a 32GB or smaller disk. Larger disks can only be formatted as NTFS or exFAT by other later OS's. Even if you can fix FDISK and Format (there are patches I think), scandisk is still limited to 32MB.

My understanding is, Once USB sticks go beyond 32GB, they will go to exFAT. FAT will probably not be an option though technically it can go to 128MiB or so, but that is just my thinking. NTFS is more finicky about being removed from a working system since it is cached. it behoves you to use the "safely remove hardware" icon in the system tray.

link to page of drivers, user's cautionary note about drivers, author's cautionary note about drivers
When I downloaded the 2.33 version (the latest), mcafee flagged it as a PUP.