UPS beeping, red light, computer shuts off


about UPS's and why they beep at you.

  • If you have had the unit for a long time, it is possible the battery is dead. that does happen. in which case you will need to recycle the battery or the unit properly, since it contains lead acid batteries and may require special hazardous materials shipping. some have replaceable batteries in a covered compartment that you can slide off (some APC models). you didn't give the make and model of your unit, so I can't look up the manual.
  • you may need to ship some units back to the factory for recycling.
  • UPS beeps at you with a red light for about 1 minute to give your time to shut off your machine. the more VA, the more time you have and the heavier it is.

if you don't have enough time to shut off your machine, you didn't have a big enough UPS. today's computers have 750W power supplies, the monitor takes 35-130W, the printer takes 130W, and you are probably looking at another 130W for your modem, router, and USB hub. 750+130+130+130=1140W. a 1500VA UPS would give you 2 minutes to shut down. you would have to be on it and quick. no microsoft shutdown updates for 1/2 hour long allowed. we are talking a car battery heavy here.

no, it's no good for your computer. whatever is in the disk cache in memory does not get written to disk (MFT[filesystem], data) if the computer is up and it gets shut off. use an ISOBAR surge suppressor/power conditioner until you get another UPS if you decide to do so.

but I suppose it's better the UPS shuts off your computer than the power spikes that come through when the power company or generator goes on and off! I have seen those take out computers at work in 1990.

I am not an expert, but I know some things about UPS's.

your printer and USB devices do not need to be on the UPS, so take them off.

match your ups battery with your model!

UPS recycling
APC has a better recycling program than does tripplite. tripplite aims more at servers. recycling program where to recycle
1500VA models
surge suppressors