new windows search? need old search back?



a windows update came along and you lot your wonderful search capability?

tried windows search 4.0 for xp and found it doesn't do anything useful? want the search doggie back?

This may also be an opportunity for you to install google desktop search.

taken away by update or upgrade

as far as search goes, windows must re-index the files probably now that it has a new search. maybe give it time to re-index? could take some weeks. as a workaround, do this:
[windows-logo-flag-key]-R cmd[Enter] dir/s/b "*button*"[Enter]
if you want files or folders with the word button in it
dir/s/b/a-d "*button*"[Enter]
if you want files only with button
dir/s/b/ad "*button*"[Enter]
if you want folders only with button in it
dir /?[Enter] or
help dir[Enter] for help on the dir command. if you turn on quickedit mode in the cmd shell properties, (alt-space) you can mouse-drag text, hit enter and it will copy to clipboard, such as a filepath you can paste into photoshop or whatever.

you can change into a directory/folder by using the cd or chdir command (same thing). for instance, you can paste in just the folder path and cd into it
cd "c:\users\joann\Documents\buttons\aqua"[Enter]
explorer .[Enter]
will pull up an explorer at that directory. or you can simply do
explorer "c:\users\joann\Documents\buttons\aqua"[Enter]
[windows-logo-flag-key]-R explorer "c:\users\joann\Documents\buttons\aqua"[Enter]

XP - you did the windows search 4.0 upgrade

you want the very excellent search doggie: the search doggie can be accessed by clicking on the search companion link/icon. good doggie.

now you can search to your hearts content, but yes, you must leave that other search newfangled search window up or nothing will work.

if you have installed it recently, you might still have a chance to uninstall it.