during storms - what to do with computer equipment


is my router bricked?

you can get to the router's internal interface via or if it is still working.

you can also try to reset the router, which usually means holding down the reset button for 30 seconds.

something that is sure to reset it is to hold the power button down for 90 seconds, the first 30 seconds with the power on, next 30 with the power off (simply unplug the power adapter from the wall), and next 30 with the power on. this is known as a 30/30/30 reset and is sure to clear the router. you will then need to put all your settings back in. IF that is, the router is still working.

being prepared

you should always have your router and your equipment on a good solid surge protector (I suggest an ISOBAR if you can afford the $60/each), and keep the power strips powered off during storms, including wind storms. power problems or power cycles (ons and offs) at the main transformer can cause huge spikes. otherwise, it will brick your router just as bad as a bad flashing will.

I usually have my networking equipment like my modem and router on a separate power strip in case it needs to be power cycled (most routers need that from time to time).

If you can afford it, keep all your electronics on an ISOBAR. digital clocks, stereos, etc.

when the storm comes

turn off and or unplug all the power strips.

TrippLite ISOBARs
ISOBARs are the best in surge protection. you should know that the Joules rating is one of the things you look at in a surge suppressor - the higher the better there is an 8-outlet that does 2850 Joules. other things to know about are clamping voltage, etc, but ISOBAR shines in that respect. One thing about an ISOBAR compared to other surge protector strips is that it its case is made with metal, so it is not very likely to cause a fire (as many a plastic one have been known to do). A power conditioner adds an extra level of protection to your system. If I remember right, it protects from brownouts and the like.
TrippLite ISOBAR H10DBS, available from neewegg.com $100, nextag.com $60-272
3570 Joules. Power Conditioner / Surge Protector, 8 outlets, 8ft cord, (4 outlets spaced for adapters), coax protection
TrippLite ISOBARs, available from newegg.com $50-400,