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Internet Bible Study Sites - Online Bibles
ASV,KJV,Darby,Douay Rheims (Catholic),English Standard Version, Young's Literal Translation,French,German,Spanish La Biblia de Las Americanas, Spanish Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos. limited number of Bibles and commentaries and dictionaries. downloading the CD is not a "free download" as is stated. it costs $2.99.
Bibles in many different languages (Even Klingon for trekkies - due to web fonts, Klingon cannot be displayed correctly), many commentaries, dictionaries, Bible encyclopedias, and books.
KJV Bible with study helps: audio readings, commentary, strong's numbers+greek/hebrew concordance lookup. verse of the day. 6 Bible dictionaries. images+maps.
Chronological pictorial view of the Bible, with over 500 pictures. works good with dialup too.
Multi-version Bible (Bible Gateway). you can put in verse references like Romans 8:2-3,9,10,12:2;1 corinthians 13:1 and you will get them all on 1 page. can't use shortened or abbreviated book names. aka
Many Bible versions and languages. Keyword search only. You can't put in a verse. Bible Answers, Resources.
Parallel Bible, Interlinear Bible, Commentaries, Concordances, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Lexicons, History, Sermon Helps, Sermon Illustrations, Other Resources.
Bible in a Year, Bible search, Bible study tools's OSIS Bible Tool
Parallel Bibles in different languages if you like (public domain works), Power Search, Passage Study (commentaries, morphology, strong's, cross-references, notes). Based on the Sword Project. Doesn't appear to have Sword's Encyclopedias, dictionaries and the like.
Bible on 1 page(Defaults to NIV). Helpful stuff at the bottom of the page.
Alexander Scourby reading aloud the KJV (my favorite reader) requires RealPlayer (This has a link to older versions as well for win9x/ME).
online Bible Genealogy
Bible Genealogy Site. I started a database like this once, but I had total data loss (with a bad hard disk or something like that). Glad to see someone complete the job. now with some of the newer graphing technologies and another good database, maybe I could make a giant .GIF or .PNG or .SVG image for viewing/printing (most inkjet printers have a poster option). maybe.
truncated Bible family tree, Adam to Moses
Bible Genealogy wall chart, Bible family tree GEDCOM database and its associated Family Tree Maker Software (well, not an internet tool, but an out-of-the-ordinary find). if you ever have to go through the book of numbers, this makes a great reference point. Why Bible Genealogies? here's why.

'nuff 'bout genealogy, maybe too much
online Bible History
Bible History Online, a really cool site. has some jokes too. lots of pictures of ancient artifacts (most of which are in a directory and not on a web page to view).

Creation Science
supposed to contain articles on creation science, but I haven't found any.
resources available, but I am not allowed to add the .org on the name.
Answers In Genesis
resources available, but I am probably not allowed to add the .org on the name
free Bible Programs
Crosswire's free Xiphos (double-edged, single hand sword used by the ancient greeks)
supposed to be more advanced than and a continuation of the Sword project. Not feature-complete yet, still lacks display of morphological codes and greek/hebrew lexicons such as Strong's. uses set collection of books, not as big as that of the 714MB sword project ISO. 24MB. easier to install and simpler to use than sword project.
Crosswire's free The Sword Project for windows
The Sword Project Bible Study Software burnable ISO cd image file, June 8, 2008 release for Windows/Mac/Linux. It contains ALL the modules available, so there is no need for an internet connection (I don't think). This can run from the cdrom or you can install it. LOTS of Bibles in foreign languages available! uses public domain works. Bibles, Commentaries, Lexicons/Dictionaries, Glossaries, Daily Devotionals, General Books, [maps not available yet], [images not available yet], cult/unorthodox/questionable. even has a Bible for Trekkie types in Klingon.
If you choose the burnable CD ISO image file and burn it to a cd (not as a file, but as an ISO image!), you can insert the cd and choose to run the full package from the cdrom, which takes the least work, or install it, which takes the most work.
to install it, the install manager must run (preferably while the cd is in), and you must left-double-click the books you want to install on the left side (available books side) to get them over to the right side (installed side). the sides are labelled, so just read. you must turn on the features you want, such as strong's numbers, morphological codes, lemmas, and the like. follow these directions.
Crosswire's free MacSword
Bible Study Software.
KJV31 KJV bible text files and separate search program
DOS app, may or may not work in console mode
pay-for Bible Programs
Bible Maximum is simpler to install than The Sword Project for people who need it that way, but if you want more than the KJV and 3 commentaries in the free download version, you need to download stuff, which is probably not simple (maps, commentaries, books, images, etc. available). OR, you can order the full CD which is $5.
PearBible (BBE & KJV) 1.2KJV & BBE for your PDA $4.95
Palm OS. It also includes a few religion holidays. You can export these holidays into the DateBook, when you want to set reminders on them. (?) [note: if this doesn't soiund like your cell phone or PDA, I suggest you get a program made for your PDA from your vendor. note: Palm OS is being replaced by WebOS.]
If you are a KJV purist, you probably can't get a truer KJV file. it's in Adobe ebook format, so there are probably legal restrictions on making images of the document, etc.
quickverse $10
You can pick up QuickVerse at any Bible Bookstore for $10 - it's easy to install, and it's easy to use.
A dictionary is a snapshot of the language at a particular time. it is better to have a large dictionary. A dictionary that has the etymology (liguistic history) of a given word such as the Oxford Dictionary, is the best you can get. I like older dictionaries better because I find that the English Language has deteriorated over time - 1940's or earlier is best. Anybody can pick up a large dictionary that is current for obscure words.
snapshot of today's language. no old dictionaries available I think. Unabridged (full) online dictionary available for reigistration.
Oxford English Dictionary (OED), available from cd-rom $295 (updated yearly) online subscription $29.95/mo $10
currently in 20 volumes.
Webster 1828 and 1913 Dictionary (both free and online)
You will find the 1828 dictionary to contain Bible verses, especially with the definition of marriage.