recycling computers and batteries in your state


How to find the recycling page for your state

look up the state or province's government site, and search for recycling with the word of whatever you are trying to recycle. for instance, "recycling computers" or recycling batteries".

A little research on your part will get you going in the right direction.

Why can't I just throw away batteries?

recycling batteries comes under the category of hazardous waste, so you may want to check for that, since batteries may contain lithium, cadmium, and mercury, and other undesirables that should not go into standard public disposal/trash systems or landfills.

Why can't I just throw away computers?

computer parts are in some cases coming under the category of hazardous waste due to lead used in solder on circuit boards I think (RoHS is increasingly being pushed in electronics to circumvent this problem and lead-free solder is being used more and more), plus there are precious metals that can be harvested such as gold. There are special recycling centers just for computers, and since it is now illegal to throw away computers and computer parts, there are recycling organizations set up just for handling this type of waste.

sometimes, they can actually fix up computers, printers, stereos, cd changers, tape drives, resell them with something like a 5 day warranty, and they might also give away free dialup internet service and computers to needy families.

What do I do with my old [broken] TV Set?

it is illegal to put it in the trash. there are 2 options:

  • take it to a repair shop first and see if it can be repaired. sometimes they can't. For instance, We had a Sony trinitron and the picture was always blinking. Repair guy told us with this model it's always going out, and to take it to Goodwill.
  • donate it to Goodwill Industries at a donation center (most stores have one) and tell them it is broken. they will recycle it. they get paid by the state to take care of this stuff.
Goodwill Industries takes good and broken tv's.
batteries come under the category of hazardous waste, because batteries contain lithium or cadmium, toxic chemicals, etc.
computers, home electronics
freegeek, 1731 SE 10th, Portland, OR tue-sat 11am-7pm. eco-binary (beaverton) 8260 sw nimbus ave bldg 3, beaverton, or 97008, 1-503-352-4991, tue-fri 9am-6pm, sat 10am-5pm.
Empower Up, 5000 E Fouth Plain Blvd. Ste E-101 & Ste F, Vancouver, WA 98661, 1-360-735-0888, gives computers away to needy families and free dialup internet, computer and home electronics recycling station (no microwaves or TV's or copiers). king county, longview?,