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useful cmd shell programs in win7 for developers



useful programs for programmers for batch file development, writing of windows programs, installers, and programs in general.

these are in the 64-bit versions of windows 7 and are probably in windows 7 and later versions of windows.


in %windir%\SysWoW64\ you will find:

chdkskfixes the filesystem. usually you do chkdsk c: /f to fix and chkdsk c: /f /r to fix and refresh and mark off bad blocks. if it asks to do at next reboot, tell it yes.
compcompare 2 files, using binary or ASCII
eventvwrevent viewer. shows you the crash details or other logged stuff of your program. hopefully you have made a .map file too.
forfiles enumerates files, including directory trees. you can have it execute a command. forfiles /? for help
isoburnburn an ISO you have downloaded or made. could be useful in an installer or in a backup program.
notepadcan be used to view binary files (but don't save!). a text file editor that now has line number and column number info for us programmers.
sortnondestructively sort file or text (sort output only). you do sort somefile.txt or pipe some output to sort
moretext pager. you do more somefile.txt or pipe some output to more
taskmgrthe task manager. can be used to kill hung programs or examine the amout of memory used or number of threads or resources/handles used, monitor the cpu threads/cores and general network and memory usage.
where where /r c:\ /f /t *.doc* *.txt this is same as doing dir /s c:\*.doc* c:\*.txt