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If you like CASE tools, try DNK's Case List
I really need a good modelling tool for server-side web scripting. I have been using DOME and Argo/UML to learn on (ArgoUML has a code generator for Java).
I have not seen a good tool (except for Together), and diagrams I have seen are inconsistent or lack completeness.
If it can be done with UML, wonderful.
In the mean time, these are some descriptions of useful things in UML textual notation.

Event: NameOfTheEvent (Parameter_Name : Type, ...)
Timer Event: after(timer_duration)
Event broadcast towards a class: ^ TargetClass.Message (Arguments)
Complete State Transition: Event (Arguments)[Condition] / Action ^ TargetClass.Message (Arguments)

This is for a sockets-based SMTP client

//packet.receiver handler

start ()[] / Establish_TCP_Connection

StateCharts papers