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programmer's needed software



This is the base page of the section of programmer's needed software.

The content you are looking for can be found via the navigation to your left ←. some of these folder index pages have content, but most like this one don't.

The 2 programmer's text editors I have listed are absolutely necessary, well, if you are on a tight budget, notepad++ at least.

TSE is extremely fast. it pops compared to npp and it has ctrl-g to list functions which I use a LOT. however, tse only has 2048-char line lengths right now, and a few string maximums in it are arbitrarily (and unfortunately) very very short. npp has something like 32k line lengths, not sure, didn't really test, but it's really long.

neither program is 64-bit yet (6/5/2013). neither program handles files over 2GiB in size.

npp is really slow, even on an i7-3970x.