verify a program for winVista/7/8/8.1



want to verify your program for windows vista/7/8/8.1? Microsoft has a tool called AppVerifier which gives you useful log information during a sample run.


Download Now - has cmd shell script (1/11/2015, MB)

Directions for using AppVerifier:

  1. install a copy of the mingw-w64 (gcc) dongsheng daily build 5.0.0 x64 and extract to root dir.
  2. add the bin dir to your PATH [windows-logo-flag-key]-[pause/break] advanced, environment variables, system, Path, edit, click in the path entry, hit End key and type ; and .
  3. install the appropriate bittedness of AppVerifier for your computer from Microsoft.
  4. run AppVerifier
  5. enable all tests
  6. run your installer you wish to test against vista/7/8/8.1 and probably 10
  7. after that program closes, close AppVerifier
  8. [windows-logo-flag-key]-R explorer %userprofile%\AppVerifierLogs [Enter]
  9. click in breadcrumb menu or address bar to get dir path and hit ctrl-c
  10. [windows-logo-flag-key]-R cmd %userprofile%\AppVerifierLogs [Enter]
  11. type cd alt-space-e-p [Enter]
  12. type for %x in (*.dat) do (strings -a -e l %x>%x.txt) [Enter] (this will make usable text files out of the .dat files)
  13. type copy *.txt %userprofile%\Desktop\ [Enter] this will put the .txt files on your desktop.
  14. type exit [Enter] to get out of cmd shell

sample update-app-verifier-logs.cmd

cd "%userprofile%\AppVerifierLogs"
md %HOMEDRIVE%..\Desktop\AppVerifierLogs
for %%x in (*.dat) do (strings -a -e l %%x>%HOMEDRIVE%..\Desktop\AppVerifierLogs\%%x.txt)