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beginner programmer's resources and how to


getting started

first you need a programmer's editor. then get the compiler. If you are using mingw, make sure you get MSYS, because you will need it.

look for README files and INSTALL files, they will tell you how to install your compiler. same goes for whatever you are building.

adding the compiler to your PATH

make sure you add your compiler's bin directory to your PATH environment variable. typically this is done with [windows-logo-flag-key]-[Pause/Break], Advanced, Environment Variables, System, PATH.

make sure you hit the [End] key during first editing so that you do not overwrite your PATH but rather append. then type a semicolon (;) and paste/type in the path of the compiler's bin directory, and click OK.

wrapper batch file for compiler

I wrote a wrapper batch file for the mingw compiler so it generates windows vista/7 compatible code. It must be configured. by default it is configured for mingw-w64.

the batch file is at mingw.

mingw compiling code without batch file

g++ -W -Wall -o someprogram.exe someprogram.cpp c:\mingw\lib\libws2_32.a

gcc -W -Wall -o someprogram.exe someprogram.c c:\mingw\lib\libws2_32.a

required. all these have color syntax highlighting.
The Semware Editor, available from $124
the best programmer's editor out there that I've used.
Notepad++, available from notepad-plus $free
Emerald/Crimson, available from emeraldeditor $free
diff/merge tools
WinMerge, available from $free
for merging changes between to source/text files.
diagramming tools
ArgoUML, available from $free
UML 1.4
IBM Rational Rose, available from $$$$
UML 2.x
Dia for Windows, available from dia-installer-de $free
generic diagramming tool
1888 Flowchart generator, available from $free
no installer
mingw/mingw-64, available from mingw $free
anso available is MSYS, which is a compile environment and BASH shell
Borland C++ 5.5.1 command-line, available from bcc55 $free
microsoft visual studio 2010, available from $1094
library and language reference
MSDN, available from $free
made for visual studio and .net, but also can be used for generic C++ library functions.