Registry Cleaning Utilities - careful!


Careful when using a registry cleaner tool or system tuneup tool (that does registry cleaning) like Registry Mechanic to clean your registry. I would monitor closely and gate what it chooses to "fix". You want a tool that tells you exactly what is wrong and how it intends to fix the problem. Registry Mechanic does not do this. It hides "fix" information from you. and RM doesn't usually get things right. On my system it complained about everything. I had to fix the problems manually (what I could based on info it gave).

For instance, some registry keys like certain GUIDs and ProgID's (for example Roxio7anything.1) should be zapped because they are no longer in use, but RM chose to only see part of it, and would probably only delete part of it - the shellOpen piece or InProcServer32 or something like that where the executeable path is mentioned. also, you should probably search for and remove everything that refers to that GUID (keeping track of those GUIDs in Notepad is handy). A GUID looks like {00000016-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}, and if you run regedit is generally found in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID but you will find it in other places as well.

RM also complained about invalid startup items and wanted to "fix" them. usually they were items that had unusual command-lines, like ones that had command-line switches. so I ignored those. I knew several of those were in fact working. RM would have broken the program installation.

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