whether you are building a new machine, or upgrading an old one, maxing out a machine's memory is usually a good move.

increasing memory beyond the industry's recommended minimums for your OS means increased performance. it also reduces toe chance for crashes and applications running out of memory (such as Adobe Photoshop).

what kind to get

with memory and proc speed, the higher numbers are better. unless you are OverClocking, you don't need to buy memory that is listed on your meotherboard manual as (OC).

it is wisest to use same type, same mfr, same CL (CAS Latency), same timings, same speed, same type.

your motherboard will like them in groups of 2's or 3's, depending on whether you have an intel x58 (3) or an AMD (2) motherboard.



  • don't mix memory in a system - you would be asking for trouble.
  • follow the motherboard manual for memory placement, or memory won't work.