out of memory errors

avoid buying a system with the minimum RAM. for example: a system with 256MiB of ram on an xp system will thrash (system requirements are 128MB). it leads to disk thrashing where the system swaps fast memory (12,800-102,400MB/s) to the VERY slow disk (44-358MiB/s).

this is assuming 4 sticks*64bits/stick*1600MHz/(8bits/byte)=51,200MB/s is average for 32GB of DDR3-1600, a low-end desktop would have 4-8gb@12,800MB/s, and high end i7-3970x desktop with 64GB@102,400MB/s for today's systems (8/2013).

things you should do:

things to try

my rule of thumb is to max out the machine's RAM if possible (this usually fixes most out of memory errors, but it costs money), and then I turn off Virtual Memory if it's not a 32-bit OS/system if you have a 32-bit system and you are tech savvy and know about partitioning, then try this article. on 64-bit machines I make a fixed 16000-32000MB VM or if system is 32-bit, make it 4096MB with RAM or partition out 7x7GB partitions, format them, and put in 4096MB each, you shouldn't have any more out of memory errors.

the RAM-only solution typically speeds up the machine by about 2x I would guess (can't remember if I measured that on a 32-bit old box or my newer box). only issue with turning off VM is if you use more memory than you have RAM, then you need to turn VM back on. look up your motherboard or system's model at Premier Memory or crucial. if it's an HP or Dell, you can buy upgrade memory from hp or dell or crucuial or premier memory.

also, use a larger fixed virtual memory file, say, around 16-32GiB if you can spare it. it will make swapping faster if you are using fixed VM and/or strapped for cash and can't buy more RAM.

increasing VM to beyond 4096MB on 32-bit systems/OS

I wrote this article - microsoft made it possible... on my XP box using litle 7x7GB partitions I have 38GB of VM for my 32-bit system and I no more have out of memory errors. will require a partition program.

get to/change virtual memory

  1. on keyboard, do [windows-logo-flag-key]-[pause/break]
  2. advanced, performance, settings, advanced, virtual memory, change.
  3. pick a drive to put Virtual Memory on or remove Virtual Memory from.
  4. if adding Virtual Memory, uncheck "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives"
  5. if 32-bit and doing the 7x4GiB partition configuration to get about 38GB VM, on each drive you have already formatted click "custom size", and then in "Initial size" put 4096 every time (that's the max for 32-bit systems). otherwise, if 64-bit, click "custom size", and then in "Initial size" put 16000 or 32000 depending on how much you need. it will be slow.
  6. click Set
  7. click OK on all the OK buttons you find that are left.
  8. restart the system for the changes to take effect.