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Routers: blocked email
Filesystem Limitations
XP Notes
Vista Notes
April 3 Windows XP Update causes blue screen
Software Installation when things go wrong
repair tips & system hints
Large Sector Drives
Dell/Micron PC's, Dell/Micron Power Supplies

Nero7 has LightScribe labelling support. Roxio [is this true of 9?] does not.

Some new SATA drives require a +3.3V power connection that old-style ATX 1.3 power supply units can't supply, so a molex adapter cable won't work; they require to be connected to a new-style ATX12V 2.0 power supply unit (the kind with 30A of 12V).

older cd's that make the cd drive vibrate loudly will cause bad blocks on a hard disk due to vibration of the heads. a Hard drive cooler with a vibrating fan will do the same thing.

here, here

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ramidentify.xls - excel spreadsheet for identifying DIMMs

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shuttlexpc.xls - lunchbox pc price spreadsheet

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mini-itx.xls - mini-itx *tiny* or tiny silent PC

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newegg-frys-pc.xls - Newegg-Fry's PC

(note: to get OEM XP, you must also buy a piece of HW at the same time from the same vendor, such as a hard disk, mouse, or motherboard)
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One-time use installed software report: dart
webroot scan

Windows Update (probably requires multiple reboots & visits)
Win 2000 SP4 130MB
Win 2000 update rollup 1 (Warning: this one gives problems! use windows update instead!)
Win XP SP2 266MB
PS Tester
Boot Disks
Boot Disks (more)
USB Ext Drive Case
PC Store (spreadsheet - June 26,2006)
HD Size Barriers
Xp Replace MBD
RW NTFS for 9x/ME
RO NTFS for 98
Partition Recovery
cd recovery
recovery console ISO
Recover XP
troubleshooting XP
step 6:update rollup
Replacing an XP/2k mbd
backup/data media pros/cons
SANS top 20 router scan
security - viruses with rootkit
SW to upgrade HD
enable USB driver debug tracing
VintageOS DOS
dangerous 98's fdisk
Winternals PC recovery SW
Norton SystemWorks replacement
CPU Fans
Fan socket A,370,462
Installing Sun OpenOffice.org 2.0
Smart Computing Magazine
8GB Flash Drive $200
SW 4 upg HD
how to enable USB driver DEBUG tracing
VintageOS DOS
Free NO-install virus-scan and spyware scan
free AV avast
avoid microsoft XP re-activation
System noise & why drives sometimes appear with garbage in their names during BIOS scan

pc repair

silent ps

Computer Power User Article - Antec Phantom 350
Computer Power User Article - SilverStone SST-ST30NF

cpu fans


Computer Power User Article - Asus P5W64 WS Professional
Computer Power User Article - Asus CrossHair
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