fixing remotes


fix a lot of remotes or stuff with elastomer contacts? I think I have found just the stuff to repair the black elastomer ("rubber") contacts . Actually, they are metallic contacts.

Elastomeric Contact Repair Kit at and is Chemtronics CW-2605 $24.95

Chemtronics CW-7400 Gold Guard Pen (lubricant) $18.66 also available at (if you have gold contacts, most often times they are covered with a black rough coating).

Clean contact with denatured alcohol first (my preference is with MG Chemicals HEAD CLEANER AUDIO / VIDEO, available from mouser $8-22 [not in stock] - has no pollutants), but as is said by this article, don't overdo it.

Make sure the surface is flat and even, because it must span two contact pads on the circuit board. you will see why when you open up the remote (trick is getting it apart).

the only reason I am interested in this is because the contacts in the remote for our TV is getting worn out and you have to press it really hard. gunk (most likely some sort of drink) had gotten into the remote and I had to do a major cleaning on one section, with water of course. I unfortunately can't afford the fix kit right now.

be careful not to bend the board in the process of putting it back together. try to make sure all the buttons are in the remote and the board secure before putting it back together, and be careful. I learned that I should have probably done the left side of the remote first and then the right side, because a piece inside broke, instead of doing it all at once (it had locking tabs all around). your remote may be different. the broken part does not affect operation, however.

Alternative Solutions

  • order a new remote from the manufacturer of the TV or VCR or DVD player or device. they usually run about $6-$20.
  • get a universal remote and train the new remote with your old remote - use the new one instead, but keep the old one around (always!).