Software & Device Installation when it goes wrong

With Cosmi, and many others, there is a little trick you can use to install SOME programs that don't install properly (which say "something is wrong with the display", or other)
bring up a windows explorer by holding down the windows logo key and hitting the E key. If there is not a tree/folders view on the left side pane, click the folder button on the top toolbar. click on the drive letter with the name similar to the cd you just put in.
start by double-clicking AUTORUN.INF in the right side pane. you should see Notepad open with contents something like this:

The Open= line tells us what program is started when the cd is popped in the drive.
usually this will be setup.exe or install.exe instead of what you see above. but be flexible.
Trick: the main installer, setup.exe, cdsetup.exe, or install.exe usually runs other setup programs on the cd in other folders/directories. the key is to find out where those are and run them. if a setup.ini is included alongside this file, double-click on it and read it or even print it (if it's long) if it has things in it like "\buscard\setup.exe". other .EXE files in this .INI are probably clues to other installers, and will probably be named something like setup.exe or install.exe. You may not be allowed to run those installers separately, but you can try. if you are successful, great.

Warning: The installers you want to avoid are acroread and acrobat setup. you probably already have that installed (check first), and it will only ruin your existing installation of Acrobat Reader (the program wouldn't have been doing you a favor force-feeding your computer an older version).

Sometimes with cheap programs like starshine software, you get a whole bunch of software on 1 cd and you have to put in words from the cd's liner. for these programs, you are stuck with their way of installing the program. nothing else works. don't lose the cd liner.

Driver CD's: Follow the directions that came with the device. it may say to install the cd software first before pluggin in the device, or it may say to plug in the device first before installing the cd. follow the directions to save yourself lots of tech support headache.

  • if you installed the cd first when you shouldn't have, you should probably remove the software.
  • if you installed the device first when you shouldn't have, you should go to the Device Manager (XP: Start, right-click on my computer, pick properties, Hardware tab, device manager. Vista: Start, Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Device Manager.) and look for the device(s) that look like question marks and remove those. then shut down your machine. remove the item. turn the computer back on.
Now you should be able to proceed normally.
- If this is a wireless card and you are running windows 2000, install the driver. Windows 2000 does not come with wireless drivers built-in.
- If this is a wireless card and you are running windows XP, DO NOT install the driver unless the card does not work without it. XP has built-in wireless card drivers. Vista may be similar in this respect.

If there is no executeable to run that doesn't match your hardware and your hardware doesn't work with Windows properly or at all (I had a IEEE-1284-to-USB cable like this once), you must politely show windows the driver for the item. If it can't find drivers off the internet, try choosing to pick "have driver on disk" and browse to the cd or floppy. (if it's on floppy, copy it to the hard disk in its own folder & burn it to a cd immediately so you don't lose it to stray magnetic fields).
If that doesn't work, you may have to force-feed the driver to windows. this can be tricky & dangerous to your OS. the method varies with the OS. For XP, it was really complicated & hard to remember.

Nero 5: doesn't handle newer drives. you will have to upgrade Nero. If you bought an OEM drive, you can usually also get OEM Nero 7 Express & Cyberlink PowerDVD.