SQLDUMPER errors, how to fix them, and where they come from


how to fix (get rid of the error)

  • Go to Control Panel|Add/Remove Programs and uninstall "SQL Server VSS Writer".
  • set the control panel for classic view, go to Administrative Tools, double-click on Services, stop the "SQL Server VSS Writer" service, right-click on the service in question and pick properties, and change the startup type for the service from Automatic to Manual.
  • If SQL Server pieces are uninstalled and error still comes up (this can happen with older versions of MediaPortal), set the control panel for classic view, go to Administrative Tools, double-click on Services, stop the "SQL Server VSS Writer" service if it is there. remove the 3 files that start with SQLDUMPER

Please note that it may not be a good idea to completely uninstall SQL Server.

where they come from

The specific piece which has the problem, which you may uninstall from Add/Remove Programs, is "SQL Server VSS Writer".

  • Office 2007 Business Contact Manager installs SQL Server 2005 Express.
  • older versions of MediaPortal (1.0.2?) [whichever version, it was not the beta], installed SQL Server Express, and the install was broken. So is the uninstall. Newer beta versions use MySQL.
  • Act! uses SQL Server full version. should be an interesting clash between this program and Office 2007 Business Contact Manager.

See the following 2 articles: article1, article2

SQL Server Install/Uninstall Cautions

If you happen to be installing 2 of the applications which uses SQL Server full version or Express, be very careful. You may need to make sure you are using ther latet version of the programs, because they are made to work together with Office 2007 very liklely.

The following problems can occur:

  • SQL Server express installed on top of SQL Server full or vice versa. I don't know if they can coexist or not. I am not an expert on this subject. But I am almost sure they would use the same database server port unless configured otherwise. so there would be a clash and a broken installation possibly.
  • 2 applications which use SQL Server Express in different locatrions on different ports. this will work *maybe*, however, there may still be a clash as they both use the same registry keys, so no telling what will happen. I *think* the program is written so it can be installed in multiple places on different ports on the same machine, but vendors must be smart enough to do this and not do a default installation.
  • uninstallation of 2 database servers which use the same database port. if at any time the queries were successful, you have a common database maybe or 2 clones, uninstalling one database server on a common database server can lose both your program's sets of data. for instance, Office and MediaPortal uninstallation of mediaportal might result in no database tables whatsoever, and 1 database server left to uninstall.
  • Uninstalling SQL Server doesn't always uninstall "SQl Server VSS Writer".
  • Uninstalling MediaPortal stable release doesn't always uninstall "SQl Server VSS Writer".