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Javascript Sharable, Bookmarkable, Group Calendar


Bookmarkable, Sharable Group Month Calendar


Big textbox takes |-separated (| is vertical bar) list of day events in the following format you wish to mark off:
daynumlist="event string"
prioritystring:daynumlist="event string" (optional priority)
where daynumlist consists of a comma(,) separated list of day numbers or day number ranges in the form daynum-daynum
When multiple events have days that collide, this program will concatenate/merge/string together the events of each individual day separated by a semicolon (;). the priorityword can be a number, it's just a string,I think it can even have spaces.
12,18,20-21="Bowling@Al's Alley"|Mandatory:20="Board Mtg@Green Rm"|17-22="Parachuting at Dave's Airport"|2="Mark's Wedding"|15-17="camp"|27="Joe's Bday"|10-12="Singles Conference"
Rules: it cannot have leading or trailing spaces, newlines, or tabs or HTML.

result is a bookmarkable URL Group Calendar which you can email and share with others via google groups, etc., no account required for this page.

This in an upgraded form of my earlier page at /common/cal.html
Right now it is under construction.
this does not use server-side scripting.
do a View Source on this page if you want to see the source code.

Example calendar based on above example data