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rotating power plug on wall adapters



in the USA power bricks have been banished by users. although they are better for power strips, and they can carry more power, people don't like them (except for me). so what we have now are nice thin but right-angle wall adapters that can only be used on the ends of power strips and on wall outlets, and regular wall adapters, which are so wide that they can't be used on a power strip except on strips that have wall adapter sockets with layout specifically for that (wide enough).

if you have a bunch of these, you are out of luck.


best answer I can think of is a rotatable-plug thin 2-prong wall adapter. to me this seems to be an answer to the problem. ZIOTEK made such a 3-prong plug for their power strips, and they are offered by

what ziotek has is very sturdy, and flat. I don't know if there are patents on this or not. but I would like to see this on ALL wall adapters.