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As of 6/8/2011, World IPV6 Day has already passed, a day in which people could test their stuff for IPV6 readiness.

IPV6 is the new IP addressing scheme that is very soon going to replace IPV4, the old addressing scheme, because the IPV4 addresses are running out fast. For now (as of 6/8/2011), IPV4 addressing reigns and IPV6 is just a novelty. at some point there will be an IPV4-to-IPV6 time period in which old IPV4 addresses will work with the new IPV6 addressing scheme, a kind of half-switchover (a transition time). Then there will come a time when IPV4 addresses will be completely phased out.

be prepared for IPV6-only clients by January 2012. That's not far away.

Already it looks like India is going to be blocked out because of lack of readiness. Guess where most of our tech support is?

IPV6 addresses are MUCH more complicated and nowhere as easy to remember. so I need a some sort of reference card to help me. I hope someone makes a reference card available, like VisiBone! Put in your request and you will probably see one!

so I am giving you these resources listed in the navigation.

A sample hosts file at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts should have the following entries. XP does not have the last entry, even if you install IPV6. If you are running an IPV4-only webserver, you should remove the 2nd entry (tsk, tsk, microsoft!) OR for apache put in Listen [::1]:80. I could be wrong about the ::1 in the hosts file, it may have to have [square brackets] around it. localhost
::1       localhost

OR localhost
[::1]     localhost

but I hear windows vista and 7 use the former.

For my XP box, I had to install IPV6 as an added protocol. Sorry for anyone running windows 3.1, ME, or wattcp!