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802.11ad: 7Gbps wifi, net. 60GHz band. short range probably due to the very high frequency. supposed to come out 2013 (but it didn't and it's 2014).

10GbE/10Gbps ethernet should be a best-fit (guesstimate) for the LAN side of the upcoming 802.11ad routers. cat6 should work for most houses, however if you have need for cable lengths of more than around 98ft, then you need to use cat6a. don't push it with length, you don't need the unreliablility. and as one person said, once a house gets wired, it tends to stay that way. you can always extend with switches. a roll of cat6a cable costs $328. but he was being charged $500 for the cable (price markup?) - or was that the whole install?

nothing beyond 802.11ad is planned in the future like this (probably due to lack of available spectrum, it's hard to provision).

routers seem to get hotter with each new rev of 802.11

routers are just beginning to get dual-core 1GHz procs in 802.11ac routers (cell phones and tablets have had 'em, but not sure if they are the same kind). 1/2014

one article said something about possibly slow-cooking whoever passed too near. I don't know is this was a joke or whether that's a real issue.

LAN side

if you are doing preplanning for your network or upgrades, this is something to look at: there's this discussion about 10Gbps/10GbE cabling cat6a vs cat6 in a house, and why cat6 (98') may be just fine for future-proofing unless you have a needs beyond about 90' (?), then you need cat6a (328'). pci-e server NICs (only kind available for cat6/cat6a) are about $530 though, so equipment gets expensive in a hurry.