7 The Christmas History

The Christmas History



Great for reading to your family or to a group.

A long time ago I used to think that the Jesus crucified on Good Friday and the baby Jesus at Christmas were 2 different people. and I didn't really know who this Jesus person was. I was wrong. I now know them to be one and the same person - Christ Jesus, Savior, King of kings and Lord of lords. So yes, Christmas and Resurrection Day are related, whereas the other holidays of the year don't really have too much to do with Jesus.

Actually, this isn't just a story - it's known history and the Bible's veracity can be verified by many other ancient historical documents, archaeology, and other documented evidence. Check out Lee Strobel's books and DVDs (former atheist and journalist) and Josh McDowell's book "The New Evidence that demands a verdict" (also former atheist).

The Christmas Story according to Luke (Historian, Physician)

You can read Luke 2:1-40 on Christmas Day (December 25th).

You can read Luke 2:41-52 on Christmas Day (December 25th).

This is in beginning of the New Testament section of the Bible, the beginning of the 2nd half called the fourfold gospels.

Executive Summary

Isaiah 9:6-7;Isaiah 7:14;Matthew 1:21;1 Timothy 1:15;Romans 3:23;Acts 13:38-39;1 John 3:5;John 1:12-13

getting forgiveness for sins just means admitting to Jesus that you have done wrong (put him off or ignored him, lied, stolen, things like that), and that you want forgiveness. If your life is broken, he can put the pieces back together. Human beings were made to have a relationship with God. that's why He created us. And when mankind blew it at the garden of Eden, God immediately made plans for redemption and taught man about that through the sacrificial system. Jesus, the baby in the manger, grew up, ministered healing miracles and the truth to crowds around him and raised people from the dead. This same Jesus became that required perfect Sacrificial Lamb at the cross, since only a perfect sacrifice is acceptable. Jesus had no sin, since He was God incarnate. After dying on the cross, he rose again from the dead 3 days later, and was seen of more than 500 people.

Even His death on the cross was miraculous: it got dark, there was an earthquake, the huge 6" thick veil of the temple was torn in two, the rocks split, saints which had died resurrected and got out of their graves, went into the city and appeared to many, and the tough heathen Roman soldiers at the cross seeing all of this said "Surely this was the Son of God!".