Resurrection Day


A long time ago I used to think that the Jesus crucified on Good Friday and the baby Jesus at Christmas were 2 different people. and I didn't really know who this Jesus person was. I was wrong. I now know them to be one and the same person - Christ Jesus, Savior, King of kings and Lord of lords. So yes, Christmas and Easter are related, whereas the other holidays of the year don't really have too much to do with Jesus (except maybe Valentine's Day in a remote way).

Is it time for Easter? Is it really about bunnies and eggs and spring & pastel colors, or is it really about something else? actually, it's about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which paid for the gift of new life in Christ Jesus to us. We can have new life in Jesus because of the sacrifice he made at the cross.

"All we like sheep have gone stray..." we need to admit that to him. we've all sinned ("missed the mark" - an archer's term - ever shot a bow and arrow and missed the center of the bulls-eye?). Sin can be ignoring God, stealing, lying, lusting after someone or staying angry at someone, and many other things like that. We pretty much know when we've done wrong.

the solution to the sin problem is to ask Jesus' forgiveness, and if you haven't done it yet, ask Him for forgiveness and make Him Lord of your life.

Sometimes serving God can be difficult, but there can be a lot of fun too. God Never said it would be easy, in fact, he said we would have trouble. but He said "be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world" And there's surprises. good and bad surprises, but Jesus will be with you through them all. Once you're his, Jesus said "...I will never leave you nor forsake you." Hebrews 13:5 If you think you can't serve God, Don't worry, you can't. :-) Its impossible to do without God. so put Him first in everything you do. do everything you do as unto God. Jesus gives you what you need so you can through the Holy Spirit. So don't rely on yourself. When you need to, ask Him for strength or resources or favor.

Psalms 37:25-26.

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Easter Messages

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Some prophecies about Jesus (Easter)

here are some scriptures from the Bible which point to Christ Jesus:

fulfilled prophecies

Isaiah 53:1-12;Isaiah 7:13-14;Isaiah 9:6-7

Christ Jesus on the cross, fulfilled prophecy

Psalms 22.

more about Jesus, fulfilled prophecy

Psalms 2:1-12.

Christ's betrayal for 30 pieces of silver, fulfilled prophecy

[This was prophesied about in the Old Testament (487BC?).]

Zechariah 11:12-13.

[this was the price of a slave. the money was used to buy a potter's field. it is there to this day. it is called the field of blood (foor good reason).]

Executive Summary of Easter