A long time ago I used to think that the Jesus crucified on Good Friday and the baby Jesus at Christmas were 2 different people. and I didn't really know who this Jesus person was. I was wrong. I now know them to be one and the same person - Christ Jesus, Savior, King of kings and Lord of lords. So yes, Christmas and Resurrection Day are related, whereas the other holidays of the year don't really have too much to do with Jesus.

Check back to this page once a year during Christmas season, I am always trying to find content to add.

a Christmas tradition for the family

Got no Christmas traditions? nothing to do with the family? The Christmas History is in Luke chapter 2 (last 1/3 of the Bible).
I tried to decorate my place as I could, and one time even tried to grow a poinsetta all year long to see how long I could make it last, and I liked the reminder.

"Holiday Stress"

With Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year a lot of things happen. check here for resources, neat articles, including how to handle holiday stress.

To be completely honest, Christmas is not really about presents, trees, Santa, reindeer, Rudolph, snowmen, family, presents, parties, and elves.

Christmas is about Christ Jesus, who came down from his throne in heaven to be born as a baby (God in the flesh), and grew up, ministered to people by preaching God's words, doing God's miracles, healing people, raising them from the dead, making the blind see, and preaching the gospel to the poor (large crowds in fact).

Jesus (Y'Shua - yes, he was very Jewish, fulfilled all the law except for 1 point which he is waiting to fulfill because it's not a fun one) was born in Bethlehem. The Jesus at Christmas is the same Jesus at Easter.

In fact, many important events about Jesus' life were prophesied about in the Bible in many places, and nearly all are fulfilled except I think for some future items, one of which is where Jesus comes down from heaven and his feet touches the Mount of Olives and it splits in two.


So this begs the question: Why would the King of kings and Lord of lords come down from his throne and allow himself to be crucified when he could have called on a legion of angels (even one of which can lay waste an entire city) to have his detractors slain? It's because He loves you and me so much that he was willing to pay the price to pay for our sins on a cruel cross, the most inhumane punishment ever devised by man. He left it up to us to choose to accept His gift of forgiveness of sins (only He can do that).

So what is sin? Sin is not like eating chocolate cake. sin is wrongdoing, like going against one of the 10 commandments. sin is putting something ahead of God in your life, making idols, taking God's name in vain, breaking the sabbath, hating someone (Jesus called that murder) or just plain murder, lusting after someone (Jesus defined that as adultery in the heart), stealing, lying. Basically, it's doing wrong to God or to your neighbor (the person you interact with or whoever is hurt is your "neighbor"). We're all guilty. we just have to get to the place where we are willing to admit it to Jesus.

Romans 13:10 (God's law). God's love isn't the mushy or sexy junk pushed by the world. The greeks at that time had many words for love, and the word used was agape, which means the kind that seeks another's highest good. Sometimes that love includes correction. it is kind of like what parents do for their children, but much much better and with a much different attitude behind the correction. and sometimes there are blessings and favor (especially if you ask and you are His). The favor of God is wonderful! I've been getting my socks blessed off! And I want to be a blessing too. it's fun.

John 1:12

Christmas stationery/card PDFs

google Christmas printable stationery pdf.

google Christmas stationery pdf.

google Christmas card pdf.

The Christmas Symbols

I am still learning what the Christmas symbols mean that we use today. so here is what I remember.

Candy Canes

  • the white stripes represents the purity of Christ Jesus
  • the red stripes represents stripes He took for us on the cross, which purchased our healing
  • the shepherd's crook shape because Jesus is our Great Shepherd

The Tree

  • The tree represents the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ Jesus (see reference to Easter). it is cut down in its prime, and resurrected (glorified) by decorating it.

Gift Giving

  • we give gifts to one another on Christmas, because when Jesus arose from the grave, he gave gifts unto men.
  • Ephesians 4:8 Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. - KJV. (see reference to Easter)


Check out this ray-traced Christmas image...

Christmas songs

try WOW Christmas cd albums obtainable from Christian bookstores or the internet.

you can also try to buy or have made a Christmas music box. There may be BMI or ASCAP music licensing considerations.


Trim & Terrific™ Holiday Recipes, by Holly Clegg, courtesy CBN (requires registration). She has a recipe book "Gulf Coast Favorites"

The Christmas History

The Christmas Story from Both sets of Bible Chapters from Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2

Great for reading to your family or to a group.