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DVD with wonderful image in it


Thousands Not Billions $19.95

Not only is it a great DVD with a really good bonus section, but it has a picture of diamonds like I have never seen before. an eye-popper. Excellent research too. Technical books of the research available as Volumes I and II, probably full of monographs, written for scientists. On the DVD, you can examine the picture as a still-frame in the bonus features section under Images. The images are used in the video of course.

Pictures I have found on the internet are not quite as exciting, but I do read of such colors being available such as red, blue, green, yellow, and the like. some of it like the green is caused by radiation.

Did you know that diamonds have relatively high concentrations of radioactive Carbon-14? (not my pick of jewelry). But I sure like the sparkle & colors available.

Zircons in granitic rocks are also radioactive (Uranium-238, Pollonium), which makes me wonder about cubic zirconia... anyone got a geiger counter?