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Powerpoint slideshows (others have created)

filename size
BestAviationPhotographyEverBarNone.pps 4,414KB
Bridge___August2007.ppt 2,000KB
Fotos Perfectas (German Photographer) 4,163KB
Lightning - "Light Show" 1930KB
Mars (old, but interesting) 413KB
nasa.pps 2,163KB
powerpoint program to generate image of your face 156KB
unique water bridge for boats - one-of-a-kind engineering idea, must see! 1405KB
Special_deliveryJustforYou.pps 53KB
Vacation planner 2187KB

You can download the Powerpoint Viewer from Microsoft if you don't have PowerPoint or a PowerPoint-compatible program such as OpenOffice/StarOffice's Impress by downloading one of the following: the 2007 (25MB), 2003 (2MB) version.