Electronic Components, Tools, and Chemicals Distributors


Electronics Distributors

Electronics Distributors sell parts at large or sometimes small quantities, and there may be price breaks. Price breaks are ranges of quantities with a price set on each given range. there may be a minimum order due to shipping and handling costs. You might have to have a company (no teens, you don't just get a business card, it's a little more involved than that - talk to your folks - you will probably need to go to Radio Shack) to order from them. an alternative is to order parts through Radio Shack - anyone can go to them, but their brick-and-mortar-stores may only deal in small quantities, however, you can ask the store attendant for larger quantities or alternately try ordering through the internet site in larger quantities if you have the need.

Distributors usually have a search engine specially made for parts, broken up into selectable categories, selectable part parameters and values and such. you can "drill down" to the part(s) you need and find a number of vendors of a certain kind of part.

1 Distributor usually carries a line of parts vendors.