Electronics Books


Newnes Electronics Engineer's Handbook pages 10-11, by Keith Brindley, first published 1993, reprinted 1994,1996
wikipedia article, resistor, look up the other parts on wikipedia for useful info
Newnes Digital Logic IC Pocket Book, Newnes Electronics Circuits Pocket Book, Volume 3 (Newnes Pocket Books) by R M MARSTON (Hardcover - Oct 9, 1996)

Newnes Circuit Ideas Pocket Book $69+

Electronics by Allan R. Hambley (textbook) $136

The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz, Horowitz, Winfield Hill (Hardcover) $84 [looks like a good reference book]

Electronics Fundamentals : Circuits, Devices, and Applications by Thomas L. Floyd $128.40 [looks like a good reference book]

Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics by Stan Gibilisco $34.95 [looks like a good reference book] (Paperback)