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studio monitor


I am going for small and inexpensive here, something that you can maybe put in a small home or apartment. sweetwater has more expensive stuff from JBL with a mic that can configure itself to the accoustics of the room for $1000-1500. If you want to contact them about a studio monitor, their number is 1-800-222-4700. You can get a surprising amount of sound from a studio monitor or keyboard amp as compared to a set of stereo speakers for the same amount of wattage (don't use your stereo for a keyboard or guitar!). LF=Low Frequency(woofer), HF=High Frequence(tweeter).

Keyboard Amps (1 channel, LOUD!)
These can be very versatile with the inputs. keyboard amps can be very loud. KB amps do not offer overdrive or distortion usually, so they do not make good guitar amps (that's why they are KB amps).
2-way, 6.5" driver, In: 1xXLR/TRS, 2xRCA, 1x1/8", 4xTS. 12.3lbs. appears to have a 3ch mixer. travel-ready. the lowest price amp with the most inputs I could find.
Studio Monitors
dual 100W amps, 1 for folded ribbon tweeter, 1 for 9" woofer. 35Hz-35kHz. in: XLR
powered speakers. can use for PC, or for stereo (line out only, not spkr out!) or for keyboard in apartment (not intended use) and have plenty of volume. powered monitors usually have pristine sound for use in studios in the back room. these are the lower-medium end, but not the lowest you can go. Behringer makes some 100W compact $70 monitors listed under "business speakers".
Genelec 7050B 70W subwoofer, available from $1229.97
8" active, very low distortion operation, 5.1 bass mgr with 5 XLR main in and 1 XLR LFE in and 5 XLR main out. 25Hz-85Hz (main channels), 85/120Hz LFE channel crossover. Complements a pair of 8020A or 8030A monitors for stereo use. Ideal for up to five 8020A monitors for 5.1 surround in spaces up to 2500 cubic feet. 25-85Hz. 10"/120W/29-85Hz and 12"/250W/29-85Hz versions available
keeps the speakers from rumbling your table & ruining the sound.
keeps the speakers from rumbling your table & ruining the sound.
JBL Control 2P Compact Powered Reference Monitors for Desktop or Installation (pair), available from sweetwater $199.97
35W/ch 80Hz-20kHz in: XLR/TRS,RCA. 9.3"x6.3"x5.6"
M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 (40W) Powered Reference Monitors (pair), available from sweetwater $149.95
4"LF,0.75"HF,85Hz-20kHz. in:TRS,RCA,1/8". 8.25"x6"x7.25"
Alesis M1 Active 320 USB (pair), available from sweetwater $99
3"LF,1"HF,58Hz-25kHz. in:TRS,RCA,usb. 16-bit/48kHz
blue sky Exo active 2.1 monitor system, available from sweetwater $349.97
sattelites: 3"LF,1"HF 35W powered 140Hz-20kHz 8"x5"x5". sub: 8" 90W powered 35Hz-140Hz 12"x12"x13". in: 2xXLR/TRS, iPod. out: 3.5mm headphone. If you need mondo PC or iPod speakers, these are probably it!
blue sky Mediadesk 2.1 active monitor system, available from sweetwater $699.97
sattelites: 2way 4"LF,1"HF 60W powered 110Hz-20kHz 3.5"x6.25"x6.225". sub: 8" 60W powered 20Hz-200Hz 16"x14"x15". in: 2xXLR, 2xRCA. ipod and headphone jack. If you need mondo PC speakers, these are probably it! magnetically shielded. 1" soft dome Neodymium tweeter. Subwoofer and master volume controls are located on the back of the sub. specs
Alesis M1 Active 520 (pair) 75W/ch, available from sweetwater $199.97
5"LF 50W,0.75"HF 25W. in:TRS. 56Hz-20kHz. Crossover Frequency 2.8 kHz. Tweeter: silk dome with magnetic shielding. 6.5”x10.5”x7.75”
Alesis M1 Active 620 (pair) 95W/ch, available from sweetwater $399.97
6"LF 65W,1"HF 30W. in:XLR,TRS.Tweeter: 1” silk dome with magnetic shielding. 49Hz–20kHz. Crossover Frequency 2.8 kHz. 8.5”x15.0”x10.25”
M-Audio Studiophile AV 30, available from m-audio $100
15W/ch audiophile speakers aimed at computers. 3"LF, 3/4"HF (both high-quality). magnetically sheilded.
M-Audio Studiophile AV 20, available from sweetwater $80
10W/ch audiophile speakers aimed at computers. 2"LF, 3/4"HF (both high-quality). magnetically sheilded. no slouch.
Business Speakers (low end Studio Monitor)
Behringer Monitor Speakers 1C MC Business Speakers (100W), available from proaudiosuppliers $47
This can be used as a PC Speaker, though it is not typical. Inexpensive, 2-way passive speakers for A/V monitoring, 5.5" woofer with ultra-light cellulose cone, high-resolution .5" tweeter, High output, high 100-watt power handling capacity for low distortion, full-range output, Internal crossover network for phase-corrected frequency reproduction, Auto overload with auto-reset protection prevents tweeter damage. Note: If these are anything like the other beringer speakers I have at home, they are loud enough to blast your apartment. And the audio quality is pretty decent on these things. Can be used with a keyboard probably or mixer, with the right adapters & such if it doesn't already come with them.