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These have a nice price point. pretty much every headphone I select will have a unimatch plug, though this severely limits the price range of the headphones: most of the higher-end headphones have a 1/4" plug. for stereos: If you are going to buy a set of headphones for use in a stereo, I would rather you start out by trying one of these on, than with paying for a $20 cheapie. spend the money - you will get a far better sound experience and much better bass and high-end response. Don't expect them to be noise-cancelling though. I think they are still worth it for use on stereos and keyboards. I had nice success with Sony MDR-600V.

Pro headphones
Sony MDR7509HD closed-back Pro Headphones, available from $219.97
5Hz-80kHz. unimatch plug. folding design with supplied soft case. gold connectors. listen to that 96kHz audio sing.
Studio Headphones
Sony MDR-ZX700 ZX Series Stereo Headphones, available from sony $119.99
5Hz-40kHz range (boy it sure sounds nice)! nice bass response! clean highs too. Wood-like detailing and clean, retro-modern design add a hint of 70s-era styling to these premium, on-ear ZX Series Closed supra-aural, Dynamic stereo headphones. 2W (2000mW) power handling capacity (takes a beating). Sensitivity 106 dB/mW. gold unimatch plug. 3.9' coiled cord. Gold-plated, straight stereo mini plug. Circum-Aural Earcup Design. folding design with supplied soft case. Go get these for your stereo and listen to the sound! Nice sound reproduction! nice bang/buck. 50mm drivers. most headphone's lower range is somewhere around 20-100Hz and the upper range around 10kHz-15kHz. that's 2.6 octave difference on the high end and at least 2 octave's difference on the low end for a total of 4.6 octaves extra range compared to regular off-the-shelf stuff!
Monitor headphones
Sony MDR7505 closed Monitor Headphones, available from $84.97
10Hz-20kHz. unimatch plug. gold connectors.