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wind power

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These are products I thought were cool that I have seen, seen on the internet and it looked interesting, tried, recommend, or I think would come in handy in a pinch. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Pretty much every product has pros and cons.

Wind Turbines
wind turbines supply power in the absence of solar energy (good idea to have both), especially during storms. Apparently traditional horizontal wind turbines cause bird death according to a study in CA.
Windspire vertical wind turbine $3995
see article. 1kWh. ~1900kWh/yr. ground-mount.
Pac Wind vertical wind turbine.
roof-mount seahawk or side-of-bldg-mount. 0.5kWh for the seahawk model. see article from HGTV's Living with Ed episode HLWED-205. models range from 0.5kWh to 10kWh