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blu-ray drives

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Blu-Ray Drives/burners
an article said Blu-ray industry claims to replace DVDs in 3 years (that was 2007). Look! we still use DVD's in bunches! why? because blu-ray media is expensive: $10/disc. The HD-DVD/Blu-Ray war is hampering this. WB has dropped HD-DVD: see cnet article.
Lite-On Blu-ray Burner, available at $80
LG Blu-ray Burner, available at $79
HP Blu-ray Burner, available at $79
Blu-Ray Media
Blu-ray Media, see media
HD-DVD Drives
Warning: Toshiba has stopped support of the HD-DVD format and the industry has dropped HD-DVD (see and here). so I would not expect much more media to be available except what's still in stock in stores no more media, no more drives. The HD-DVD format is now obsolete. If you still have media that you want to make use of like movies, maybe one of these drives will suffice, if they are still available. Imation formerly made media for this. any web sites that had tech specs related to HD-DVD are now empty shells.
Microsoft XBox External USB 2.0 HD-DVD Drive (readonly), available from nextag $149.99
article to connect it to your PC. not that there's any movies out there yet.