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Microsoft announced Vista is last 32-bit OS

Hitachi to offer 4TB drives by 2011

USB 3.0 is coming - 10x faster but wait until about 2010...

802.11n signals the end of wired ethernet?

windows updates even with the updates turned off

wireless USB 1.1 and USB 3.0 coming

gadgets blamed for teens lack of sleep [as a side note, I can't sleep with the fan noise of the computer if it's turned on in my bedroom - I prefer not to have the computer in my bedroom for that reason]

worm circulating through skype

Sony caught playing with rootkits again

Microsoft needs to abandon Vista [some people like it, some don't]

both developers of Thunderbird email client quit after spinoff started

Nanotech will replace disk drives in 10 years, researcher says

Implementing a Wireless LAN

Opinion: Leopard Server vs. Windows Server

The verdict: Leopard spanks Vista, continues OS X's reign of excellence [however, Leopard's wireless is broken]

Leopard and Vista - More alike than you might think - ZDNet [Leopard and Vista both have feet of clay]

Leopard's Time Machine should have been better tested, drive maker says

Big Blue [ODF] Joins Forces with OpenOffice - NewsFactor Network

ODF group abandons file format in favor of W3C alternative - Computerworld

Whois Studies Approved, Privacy Deferred - FOX News

Western Digital rolls out 320GB notebook hard drives - Computerworld

The Eee PC is here - CNET [small laptop for children]

HP mediasmart Home Server Available This Month - InformationWeek

Marvell chip puts more power into your PC[laptop] - CNET

Rotten Apple: Leopard - eWeek

Firmware offers alternative to Windows headache - DailyTech [System BIOS, virtualization]

The Secret World of Bandwidth - Yahoo! News

Hitachi says new drive cuts power needs by 40% - Computerworld

Hitachi Breaks Through Terabyte Barrier - Sci-Tech Today [this has big implications for Windows - XP's NTFS as it stands can't handle volume sizes over 2TB! No documents about vista's limitations exist yet.]

Photoshop Elements [version 6] Helps Hobbyists Produce Pro-Quality Pics - Wired News

Microsoft warns that Vista, XP upgrade blockers set to expire - in other words, XP SP3 and Vista SP1 will be pushed on corporate machines

Scotch Tape-peeling x-ray machine for 3rd world countries [not computer news, but WOW! scotch tape does that?]

ipod touch can become wifi-only iphone (good for corporate phone?) nice service available too!

drive imaging for backup inexpensively and conveniently

apple snow leopard update expanded features

in Windows 7, IE8 can be disabled and also other applications like fax and scan

writing software for multicore processors a new challenge for the industry

mac users get firewire 800: don't worry, it's compatible with 400

skype offers high-quality audio codec

magnetic-field RuBee to replace RFID?

"obama's head" worm not detected by AV packages yet

IE8 bugs aplenty

1/11/2010 i4i fielding questions, concerns about Microsoft Word injunction

1/19/2010 Open-Source JavaScript Flash Player (HTML5/SVG)

1/21/2010 Oracle approval from EU to buy Sun (big implications for everybody designing for the internet!)

1/27/2010 Oracle will boost MySQL, release Cloud Office suite (Sun MySQL developers jump ship)

2/5/2010 Analysis: T-Mobile USA has done right but may be sold by parent wanting more

//2010 7 secrets of windows 7

//2010 windows 7 tweaks

1/17/2010 86% of Windows 7 systems max out or consume more than their share of RAM; less than half of XP PCs do

8/6/2010 intel's superchilled phase-change 5GHz test rig

12/23/2011 amd radeon hd 7970 launched fastest gpu tested

12/23/2011 mozilla's 3 big bets to keep the web open

12/23/2011 mozillas 3 big bets to keep the web open

12/23/2011 fcc approves at&t's 19 billion qualcomm spectrum purchase

12/23/2011 microsoft silent IE upgrades

12/23/2011 microsoft IE silent upgrade FAQ

12/23/2011 Seagate acquires Samsung HDD unit

12/23/2011 FCC approves whitespace technology

12/23/2011 802.11ac 1.3Gbps net wifi (7Gbps gross), 802.11ac, wikipedia

12/23/2011 new tiny circuit may lead to smaller more powerful devices

12/23/2011 server downtime is good

12/23/2011 tech jobs hiring boom is real, for these skills

11/15/2013 samsung introduces green DDR4 at 2x the speed of DDR3, green SSD with 2x longer lifespan.

11/15/2013 samsung gives boost to embedded memory speeds