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company buyouts

company was bought out by
Gateway Acer
IBM china, I think
IBM personal computer/laptop division Lenovo
Hayes Zoom Telephonics
Valid Logic Systems Cadence
PiE QuickTurn Design Systems
Quickturn Design Systems Cadence
SDA Systems Cadence
ECAD Inc. Cadence
Praesagus Cadence
CommandCAD Cadence
Calma Valid
Valid Cadence
Axis Systems Cadence
ViewLogic Innoveda
Innoveda Mentor Graphics
Router Solutions Inc Mentor Graphics
Protel Altium
Racal-Redac Zuken
Incases Engineering Zuken
Ikos Systems Mentor Graphics
Hier Design Xilinx
company was bought out by
Cadabra Design Automation Numerical Technologies
CAD Language Systems Compass Design Automation
Compass Design Automation Avant!
Chrysalis Symbolic Design Avant!
ArcSys Avant!
Interhdl Avant!
Analogy Avant!
Avant! Synopsys
Monterey Design Systems Synopsys
Arkos Design Synopsys
Abstract Hardware, Ltd. Synopsys
flickr yahoo
Macromedia Adobe
Converse Nike
OPS Bargain Rueters Rueters
Muppets Disney
Will Vinton Studios LAIKA
Zimbra Yahoo
Webjay Yahoo Microsoft Microsoft
company was bought out by
Esprit Pharma Allergan
InterAKT Adobe
Internosis EMC Google
PDADefense JP Mobile
Snapfish HP yahoo
Userplane AOL JLT Computers LTD
Writely Google
ReadyMade Magazine Publishers of Better Homes and Gardens & Ladies' Home Journal
Feedburner Google
Ex-Or Honeywell
SVK Best Practical
Esurance Folksamerica Holding Co.
Northern Marine Ashton Capital Corp
Twango Nokia
Speakeasy Best Buy
JAZZ SEMICONDUCTOR Acquicor Techtarget
Skymatter Autodesk
LookoutSoft Microsoft
Lionhead Microsoft Game Studios
Tipic DadaMobile
FeedDemon (and possibly TopStyle) NewsGator
Weblogs AOL
PalmSource (makers of the Palm OS) Access Co. Ltd.
company was bought out by
Consider It Sold (vending) C & D Vending
Asbury Place at Wytheville Smith/Packett
NetIdentity Tucows
NamePlanet Tucows
see list Fletcher Spaght
Monofrax RHI
American Water Works RWE
Suffolk Hotel Arlington Hotel Group
Harmony Remote Logitech
Prototype Central Fairchild Channel F Protos
MTL Instruments Elpro International
Simpleweb Hosting Alligator Technologies
tangosol oracle
Convansys CSC
Dako EQT V Viacom midPhase
VLSI Vision ST Microelectronics
Scene 7 Adobe
JotSpot Google
Datastream Infor
Chicago Investment Analytics Charles Schwab
Vibren Technologies' Embedded Business unit BSQUARE
AMA/Prostar Hammer Motorsports
StumbleUpon eBay
CIT's Construction Unit Wells Fargo & Company
Hummingbird Ltd. Symphony Technology Group
Pacifica Television Corp
company was bought out by
Wall Rope Yale Cordage
MNLPharma VASTox Plc
APA Titan
ReceptoPharm Nutra Pharma
Smarter Software Melissa Data
StyleFeeder Top 10 Sources
Thibaut The Riverside Company
PB2X Pacific Paintball
AdverTickets Brite Media Group
Herrin Software Apollo On-Line Dispatch
Riverside Software PayMetrics
Steinberg Media Technologies AG Pinnacle Systems
CyberCash Verisign
Cambio Arpida
CBISS Diploma Plc
Mintech Semiconductors ASC Group
SlimDevices Logitech
Ximian Novell
Rising Tide Studios Wicks Business Information
Wicks Business Information Dow Jones
Douglas Mcdonnall aircraft co. (as McDonnell Douglas)
Miva Small Business Solutions Miva Inc.
Wordperfect Novell
Wordperfect (Novell) Corel (Corel does not own Novell, just the product)
Lotus 123 IBM
SeaDragon Microsoft (now called LiveLabs)
Club Penguin Disney
Western Airlines Delta Airlines
company was bought out by
AirCAL American Airlines
compuglobalhypermeganet Bill Gates
Heathkit computers Heath/Zenith
Heath/Zenith Zenith
Zenith Bull Group (France)
Honeywell Bull
Alltel Goldman Sachs
JBL Goldman Sachs
One Valley Branch Banking and Trust
Signal 9 Mcafee
RCA Univac
Univac Sperry (then named Sperry/Univac)
Sperry/Univac Burroughs (then called Unisys)
Convergent Technologies Unisys
NCR AT&T (later to spit it back out)
Westwood EA Games
Paramount Viacom
United States Instrument Corporation Stromberg Carlson
Stromberg Carlson (USI parts) Dynalec
Stromberg Carlson Seimens
General Dynamics (Charlottesville facility) Comdial
Packard Bell Gateway
Thomson AV Audiovox
INMOS ST Microelectronics
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by
company was bought out by