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variable opacity (translucency)


do a view source on this page.

This image has a white background. the image is in the foreground and has its opacity varied.

this is the reverse of the technique I use for partially bleaching/whitewashing an image so that I can use it as a background. the variable opacity is applied to the image itself.

Whitewashing: In Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, I use screen on the white foreground layer, and set the opacity on the white foreground layer and use the image as a background raster layer.

There are a number of CSS properties to tweak style="filter:alpha(opacity=100);-wap-opacity:1.0;-atsc-opacity:1.0;-ms-opacity:1.0;mso-opacity:1.0;-o-opacity:1.0;-moz-opacity:1.0;-webkit-opacity:1.0;-khtml-opacity:1.0;opacity: 1.0;", 2 for different versions of mozilla firefox, and 1 for IE. IE is the complicated-looking one. IE has some boxing problems in that it has some white underhang. This works on Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox, Safari

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