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this is a list of central college listings/networks in which you can find a college or university or online institution/college/university (should the universities decide to go online). my original purpose was to supply a list of college scholarships, but people are emailing me with requests to supply colleges, so here is what I have.


  • get through college. for some people it's really hard to get through college, and they feel like quitting every day - for those people you need your family or other support to keep you going. some people can just barrel through on 3 hours of sleep a night, much coffee, and take 25 credit hours a term. it's POSSIBLE. lots of people have done it before you, and lots of people will do it after you. it is do-able. sometimes just knowing that is all you need to know - a little hope.
  • college is stressful, and people get sick because of that, so you should get used to the fact.
  • think outside the box. employers like that.
  • do research. cite your sources where possible. dig in. if you can, do more than what is expected of you. not only will you get higher grades, you might get more than that. this translates into life as well. Excellence.
  • explore what you have learned, and play with it and find new uses for it, make new inventions with it. you will retain what you have learned longer. I didn't know I could do extracurricular projects outside the box to make a new invention. I think I would have loved it. I was FULL of new ideas because of my classes. you will probably also have to do project management, some management skills, maybe business skills, negotiation skills maybe, especially communication skills, etc. and you may need to work directly with a professor and be sponsored or funded by an outside company interested in your research (so make it practical or useful in some way or solve a [possibly thorny] problem!). maybe a radically new concept or new faster algorithm - a paradigm shift that could spark a whole new industry.
  • integrity will take you a long way.
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